A New Take on Past Lives + The Power of Love


I’m just landing at home after co-hosting a retreat in Bali (which was great… it was all great!) but I struggled on this trip. Even before I left a wave of deep sorrow rolled over me, and stuck. It made no sense but I knew was was something coming. The first several days were rough. I felt like my entire system and body were rejecting everything.

What’s a healer to do? Heal it? Ya, you’d think. ;)

I rolled around in the humanness of it and tried to shift it on my own. I did breathwork, consciously generated gratitude, changed up my environment, tried to numb… and then, of course finally connected and asked what was going on. I can be a lazy psychic, real lazy. The below are two channeled transmissions. One from the Pleiadians about why I was on the struggle bus so hard (and some helpful info on how all this souls stuff works). The second from Jesus is transcribed from an in-body transmission from retreat.

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They explained that the past lives we think we’re tapping into often aren’t even ours, why we continue to desire ‘experience’ through lives and how much the soul and energetics of things have an effect on our choices. (Um, this was more than I thought!) I’ve also been showed that we can download past lives (not ours) before we come as long as they are in reach of our experiences with the intention of being more ‘efficient’ while here. So, another reason not to get too caught up with them! ;) Grab a tea or a comfortable spot, there’s a lot here. Keep in mind the first part I’m asking basically, WTF is going on with my experience of Bali…




‘She is calling forth parts of her soul’s experiences that have yet to be worked out on a deeper level. We will approach the understanding of what you call ‘past lives’ but they don’t all belong to her. Predominately you experience your soul’s own experiences but your soul can also tap into similar lives and be affected by them. Firstly, she is activating times in which she lived in a frequency or culture similar to this. There have been times in what she would call hardship where she was not able to experience much freedom; but these were important journeys for her soul. She needed to understand the depths of humanity and the intricate ways that it has, does and will work. She is purging some of her own experiences and also processing things for the specific collective (or similar to) this area.


She is (as all are) collecting data, like a library of experiences for her to then expand through and with. So we will make the analogy of a child going through pain and then as an adult becoming a therapist. The therapist could not do the job as well if they hadn’t gone through the pain, perhaps not at all. So when you have a soul like hers who has chosen to do bigger work (although there is no hierarchy, we are using the word bigger but we mean expansive.) When there is a soul who has this requirement or desire to do the work she has chosen, it is important for the soul to experience many facets of life. It is the importance of life experience itself less a ‘good/bad/hard/easy’ experience. So her soul is bringing those ‘old’ experiences forth, these ‘libraries’, and bringing through the emotion attached which is really just energy. This is all to be processed and transformed.


She is experiencing a life now that is what you could call filled with ease, and light and expansion and when you have a life like this, you could say you move faster, there is a higher frequency. By her experiencing what she would call a lower vibration. With this, she is able (if she so chooses) to use this as a catalyst or a catapult that can then flip around and make her energy and experience more expansive, more compassionate and more effective. (Like the child turned therapist.) This will help her to expand, communicate and help more people – without this experience she may just stay floating in the water. We don’t want to say dormant, but we will say less active. Because of her vibration and the conscious work she has done here, she is less likely to go through a personal hardship that would bring her another spiritual transformation. So she is experiencing this on a collective level to assist with the expansion with others (and in her own life).


There is an unconscious computing and directing always happening beyond the physical being. The soul, the light beings, the energetic of things are often more powerful than her in this instance saying ‘yes’ to come here. The magnetic pull of her soul and the things happening behind the scenes are so strong that you must go with the current.


When it comes to these energetics, because of the work her soul has done, she is able to process on a collective and intentional level. It is important for her soul to visit these places in small amounts. She is able to come, compute, gather information and experiences and then leave. She is able to read and understand information that she may not digest on the physical plane for quite some time. We could say that she is able to live an entire lifetime in a short amount of time.  We are showing her that you can’t just watch a movie you must have the experience in order to BE, understand, know, shift and expand. 

She lives mostly fully in the human conditioning but has an incredible amount of awareness and connection with the beyond. There is no right or wrong way to be, we are just showing her it is hard for her to navigate human things it is because she denies this bigger part of herself. This is a lesson for her of non-judgment (my ego’s experience of Bali more at the end on this). In essence we will say that this is in order for her (if she wishes) to intensify her ability to penetrate many. 




I also channeled Jesus on retreat… cause why not? Actually because I did an in-body channeling and I wanted everyone to feel the difference between a group like the Pleiadians vs. Jesus (or who I like to call Hay-sus, a little comedic relief for all our issues with him, which are really just issues with religion and kinda rightfully so.) I’ve had two psychics stop in the middle of readings with me abruptly and be like, ‘You know Jesus. No, you like know him. You were there.’ Unfortunately I wasn’t Mary or up in the inner circle, but from what I understand it was important for me to witness his role as a healer and leader of light. So even though I’ve never had any connection to western religion, I have a special place in my heart for him. The girls on retreat asked some great questions… I thought maybe most prevalent right now was one about finding peace on earth.



He was first explaining what it was like to ‘drop-in’ with an in-body channeling session.

‘Even though we have an ability to experience all that is, when it is done in this manner we are able to experience the senses in a different way. There is a sweet feeling of home here.


the simplicity OF suffering + ‘MANIFESTing’.

You may yearn for what you may term as home... heaven. Your yearning is only caused by the perception of being burdened by the body.  There is a very gentle line between hope and knowing, or Being. When we separate ourselves from another state of existence, the idea that heaven or a better place is somewhere else; we are in hope, which is not bad. Hope is an aspect of knowing, but not fully embodied. So when they tell my story what I prefer they tell the nature of reverence I had for this heaven that Is.

It is when you can embody or at least try on that it is here, you then experience the miracles that you are seeking. (He then explained that our desires are really the need to prove to ourselves that we are connected to this Beingness or heaven). There were many on the planet during my time with the powers you have deemed I held. There always have been and there always will be what you could call the gatekeepers on your planet who hold the ability of the miraculous nature. However, this is what you were born with.

And if there were no promise land, if there were no tomorrow in which you were more enlightened than you already are, you would arrive at enlightenment. When there is no need to be healed, healing is possible. When we do not clench our suffering, we may be bestowed upon with light and remembrance. I am showing her some of the beauty that I experienced during my time, she was in the physical, and she witnessed me during that time. This was an important piece for her to witness.’



‘The answer although challenging for the human mind to accept, is to be at peace amongst the war. This is not to say to ignore. And if you are using my story as an example, there was quite a lot of activation from the people I communed with. It was not a one-man show. It was activation coupled with the ability to witness the suffering in others and hold compassion for them. It is to be able to love the ones at war. To be able to love and hold the attackers. And not only is this how you arrive at peace, you must be at peace in order to arrive there.


This is how you arrive at solution; not to react to the war or the hardship that you witness. As you say, you must rise above to be able to have the clarity to see. The power of light and love is much more powerful than the power of war. And you may ask then, why does it still occur? Because we are still flirting with the illusion, with what you could call the darkness, the ‘I’. The ‘I’ is the root of what you deem as evil. You hear quite often,  ‘How can I love thy neighbor?’ We have greatly underestimated the power in this question. The power within our ability to love our own transgressors. When you can realize and know Truth, that we are truly one, you have arrived at peace, at truth. Peace and truth are one in the same. Take this concept of war within your heart. We are only really at war with ourselves.


Our inability to love another is our inability to understand the true self. All healing takes place through love. Humans are now are greatly underestimating the power of love. Often we lay aside our own relationships and put them on the shelf, and attempt to be ‘spiritual’ when all of our healing and enlightenment is through our heart. Our spiritual evolution becomes through the ways that we can love our family, our friends and our foes. Can you see them in their suffering and love them anyway? This is not necessarily for them, more so for you, but more predominately for all, meaning for the collective growth and the remembrance that you are your foe. So we are simply offering the power of love, the power of the heart. When you can truly love you are free.



As you are considering your questions we are showing her the beauty and the potential of experiencing the physical in a very intimate and intentional way. And so there was a question earlier about spiritual practices, and we are showing her the peace and beauty… and what you call ascension that is possible by moving through the simplicity of life in this way. Much of this has been lost with the expansiveness of the population of this earth. But there was a great drive for expansion and exploration, and so it is so. She is asking why. It is essentially to know more fully.

So how does one find their balance without falling out of balance? We are showing her the yoga practice and the sweet analogy of the satisfaction that comes with finding balance within a pose with flailing and falling. There is truly nothing to be healed. Allow yourself to be carried. Allow yourself to be fully experienced. And remember that when you truly stand in love, you are impermeable. That is to say when you fully stand in your truth. 

Ask to see love. You have all received this information so deeply. Truth is quite easy to digest. We know that this can sound off-putting but you can be loved without your suffering.

Do you understand? The need to complain is the need to be loved. But the need to be loved is the forgetfulness of who you are. Have you noticed that when you are truly loving another (offering your love) you have no needs?

It takes great courage to be here, to embody. You are what you could call vigorous souls but perhaps the running messages this evening is that it can be easy, and that through love and service all is possible, this is enlightenment, it is here. Enlightenment arrives at every moment, because it is truth, it Is. It ok to do the dance with what you call the ego. How long you dance is up to you.

…And if you were the promise land?’



There’s a bunch more, but who reads these days? You do apparently! (Good on ya);)

If you’re into this info, leave a comment below and I’ll start sharing more channeled transmissions. :)

And in the end, we healed it. It was a rough start but we found our rhythm. Apart from being blindsided by the energetic purge that hit me when I arrived I also struggled with the chaos of it all. I felt for the first time how tourism can be really invasive; how culture can get buried underneath attempts to appease us, the harsh construction to keep up with the growth and our (often) lack of interest in the story of people that welcome us so sweetly. I judged the undercurrent of westerners trying to ‘find themselves’ through what felt like pseudo spirituality and the juxtaposition with a culture so unwavering in their faith and rooted in their roles. And the gram! Social media continues to shift our entire experience of life. (Like what is happening?!) Girls dressed to the nine in weird poses completely missing the beauty. For a fragile flower like me you just gotta get further out from the center. It flipped for me there. You could feel nature's magic, the beauty in the simple life, and the peace (and wisdom) that comes from not needing to reach for anything. I’m so thankful to experience this. I know the lessons will continue to unfold. In the end I (pretty much) embraced it, I even liked the grit... I surrendered.



I’ll be doing another retreat (with live channeling) with Your Own Magic most likely in Sedona early next year.



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