Spiritual Politics: A Spiritual Perspective On The Elections


Perhaps like you, I'm watching the debates and media coverage of the presidential candidates in disbelief.  I'm perplexed, hopeful, scared... I go from judgement and passion to withdrawal and numbness. I channeled some burning questions (pun intended) about how we got to this place and what we can do individually. 


The Lemurians + Pleiadians on Peace and Our Presidential Elections…


"Please look at the dichotomy of this current election. The severity of contrasting sides and the seeming inability to come together; these two sides are so strongly opposing.


You have called forth these reflections to take a serious look at the country’s beliefs and the disassociation and separation many take from their government. Within this complacency leaves room for any person to come in and begin to dictate their own beliefs.


It is the indifference or lethargy that has created this space and potential disaster. There is a calling forth now of your participation like never before. We can however, look at it as a blessing. It is causing people to get emotionally involved and take action. This is how solutions are reached, not through fighting but by considering the current state at hand and asking what can I do to change this?


As you pray for peace you activate a solution with you. Many forget about the power of vibration. But it is this same vibration that “controls” an entire society. It is a good example of how a small few can reach a powerful enough vibration to control such a large amount of people.


We warn you to take action politically yes, but also to not carry fear for within fear is paralyzation and disempowerment."




"This is a trying time for your country. Many are feeling that they have no say or power and that their hands are empty, but we remind you all of your individual power and the ability to align synergistically together.


You are reaching a time of great change and you now stand at the tipping point. We continually urge you to create peace within, it is the most powerful thing you can do. It is more powerful than any vote or post. It is being the change and the strengthening of this uniting energy that transforms. This is not meant to be airy-fairy; this is how the universe works. You must act on this law and then realize its power.


As a society, this is calling you forth to take an honest look at what you believe to be possible and also what you wish to create. As you consider these candidates, what do they represent?  If it is something that you do not prefer, for example, dishonesty, are the areas in your life in which you can become more transparent? We are all connected. You are not separate and further it does not serve to push against anything in judgment or blame.


You must realize that all that exists on a macro level exists within you as well. Are there areas that you may be more forthcoming with your truest desires? And are you moving towards those in your life now? Or are you allowing the wind to sway you?"




1. "You must envision your ideal America, your ideal world, what does that look like? What does that require of people? What does that require of you? And are you doing it?


We must all do our part, not out of obligation for it is within this alignment that we also attain our grandest dreams and ultimate inner peace. We must cease separating ourselves form the world around us. You must realize that you create your reality, and yes, even this election.


2. How does it make you feel to think of the opposing candidate in office? What are you fears about this? If this happens, what are the worst things that could happen? And here is the problem, but within every problem also lays a more expansive solution. You are able to activate the solution now.


So in this worst-case scenario, what would be the solution? What would be the realization we would have to come to as a whole? Activate this now. Activate this in your heart, activate this with those around you, activate this in your community, use your voice, and activate love.

THIS is what is being called forth of you NOW."




"Why can’t you? This is the very question that arises. How can you reach an understanding? For where there is fear there is chaos.


This is happening because there is passion and desire around people wanting to be honored and heard. So, if one candidate claims they are your voice, you will support them in hopes of your life changing and your views being honored.


This is happening because there is a great imbalance collectively. There is a shutting off to others that is creating a clash. Often we do not consider the coal mine worker until there is catastrophe, until we realize there must be a change in the conditions. This election is also allowing you to see your country has a whole and consider all collectively."




"By becoming involved in your communities, by paying attention to what people are creating collectively and being a part of these movements or creating your own.


For where there is injustice there is judgment and fear based survival mechanisms.


You can see how Bernie desires to expose the truth and shed light on the corruption that exists; the media and higher ups are attempting to stifle this."




"Help them to feel empowered, educate them, and talk to them about the benefits of having a democratic system."




"War will continue until you cease separation. You can see how the current severity of separation in these elections could start a war of sorts. An “us and them.” The perception that, "my needs will not be met and their's will, so I will have to fight someone for them," this idea perpetuates the cycle of war.


Many Americans think that corruption, imbalance and civil war are things that exist outside of their borders, but we are reminded that we are all connected. It is difficult to have a pristine environment when we ignore the outside or when we have our hands in so many of these “corrupt” pots.


It is collective agreements that will create peace. The fighting against will only heighten the problems, and it is true that sometimes things must be brought heavily to the surface before there is real change."




"Racism is based in fear and lack mentality. Have you noticed? Racism is merely confusion about oneself. It is an attempt to blame and make things wrong that they do not understand."




"Look around at the imbalance of the world and the answer is always within the true recognition of love consciousness in each person, animal, environment, circumstance and existence. The answer is always within the recognition of the divine in all things and it is the forgetting of this that gets us off track. This is the only problem and this is what causes all chaos in the world, the forgetfulness of love and what Is.


The only problem that exists in the world is separation. How can you soften your heart today? You do not have to love the opposing party, but you do have to realize what they hold within them that you despise, you must also carry somewhere within you. How can you activate the opposite essence now?


What else may you do that could be more powerful than this? Nothing.


For when you activate love you are guided to do and fulfill your calling, not of what you should do but what is your most satisfying expression and that which answers a call of the collective.


You are a divine gift. You hold so much wisdom, ability, awareness, and capability. Do not forget your own divine self, because without it you will be truly lost.


Continue to envision balance and peace. Do not get tripped up on the ego’s illusion that you have to struggle to survive or be heard.


Do not fight for the ego for it will get you nowhere.


Listen carefully to the calls of others, what are they really desiring? Look past the ego’s claims.


When we fight for something we are not taking true accountability in our own empowerment. Violence is a call for help. It is a cry for help when someone is so far from his or her own God source.


How can you help to activate this today? How can you help to activate this remembrance in others?


Please go forth as bold, courageous and as big as you intended to be. You are all that you dream of and more. We adore your unique expression and we see you fully.


Carry your light as if it was your source of well-being and survival, for it truly is."

This piece was channeled through me, by light beings.

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