3 Major Misconceptions About Soul Mates

As a Spiritual Medium, most everyone asks me about love; if their soul mate will ever show up or if the person they are with is “meant to be.” With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching there is no better time than now to expose the biggest misconceptions about soul mates and how to manifest lasting love in the best possible way for your soul.


1. There isn’t just one soul mate out there for you, there are many to choose from, depending on where you stand.

It is a natural law of the universe that we attract the energy and physical manifestations (i.e. people) that match our vibration. So the soul mate that comes along must obviously match your “vibe”. It’s a little harder to draw a soul mate to us that's rich, perfect and handsome if we’re not taking accountability in our own finances or well-being.


Before adding to that list of traits you desire from another, how are you showing up in your life? And where might you make room and energy for that “perfect someone” to come in by cleaning up your vibration? By "cleaning house" we can actually expedite healthy love coming in. 


2. Soul mates are somewhat pre-determined, as are a lot of things in life.

If we can entertain the idea that we are eternal, living in an infinite universe, perhaps we can entertain the idea that our soul may have chartered infinite possibilities for us. What if our soul considered every turn we could possibly take?

The idea that if you take a left, someone will be there and if you take a right another soul and trail of experiences will meet you, and if you “miss” a mark, there may be yet another further down that road. This is why following your intuition is so important. By trusting and using your divine guidance, you can take the short cut to love, balance and abundance.


Ask yourself, “Does this relationship or circumstance benefit my highest self?” By tending to your higher self, you become less lost along the way and your soul will lead you easily to your desires. Your soul will always provide the easiest path to love and any desired manifestation. By detaching from the ego's needs and tapping into our soul - we can be assured a more gentle and blissful journey. 


3. You don’t get to throw your feet up when your soul mate comes along.

Many have the misconception that a soul mate will fix everything and make them feel loved, complete, or even that they’re supposed to stick around forever. This is wrong. It’s true that a soul mate comes in for and through love, but also to push us into our expansion. Relationships are work. Yes, the work will not be as painful or hard, but all relationships are divine assignments to the soul. The more we can cultivate love within and create this space for another, the more the love can grow within and around us.

Love is an exciting thing, we can’t deny that and we all want it, but what if love was just a magnetic force pulling two people together to work things out and to expand spiritually? Who is to say that being in a relationship is better than not being in one? If we are in a romantic relationship or not, let us be accountable for our feelings, state of being and circumstances for within this lies true empowerment.


Single and looking for a soul mate?

Instead of just asking for a soul mate, how can you cultivate your inner well of divine love and elevate your vibration? How can you level up your frequency and joy to call upon someone of the same nature so that you may exist in more harmony and clarity together?


Already in a relationship?

How can you recognize the divine self in your beloved? What have you forgotten to see? Can you envision their highest self, their perfect self? You may be surprised in what this creates for as you see them in their truth, you also open yourself up to more love.


Let Valentine’s Day be a celebration of the love all around us, so readily available. May we open your hearts to ALL things, the love we have and will experience through relationships, creativity, nature and self-expression.


Allow our pain and forgetfulness to fall to the way side, being crusaders of love. This way, we will never be disappointed. Life will never disappoint us if we are always holding the intention of love; the intention to see the love in every situation, for it truly is all there is. All else is an illusion.


Remind people of who they really are as you gaze into their eyes, even strangers, and watch how they light up. Be a shape shifter, a cupid in human form, send your arrows out in gratitude and activate even more love all around you.

Ready for a love make over?

Have a good soul mate story? Share below!