Why You Didn’t Win Powerball – Where We Go Wrong Manifesting


We all knew the chance was slim, but we still hoped, prayed and dreamed anyway. There are reasons that our deepest desires don’t come into fruition, it’s not that the universe is working against us, it’s that often we are inadvertently working against the laws of the universe. 


Here are the three biggest reasons we don’t manifest the things we truly desire, where we go wrong, and how to change it.


1.     By putting the “winning” outside of ourselves, we inadvertently create a distance between ourselves and the desired outcome. It is the contingency we place on the desire that creates the energy (and subsequently) the result of limitation.  So in a sense, it is the “if” that creates a 10ft pole between you and the manifestation. Instead of thinking what would I do “if” I had the money, try, “Won’t it be nice when…” Using the law of attraction, we are able to shorten this gap by practicing the feelings, not of being rich, but the relief, joy, ease, and freedom the money would bring.


2.     We create a conditional relationship with our sense of self-worth. We become derailed by thinking we will have ability and power when we have the manifestation instead of fostering these feelings to create it. When we think we need the manifestation in order to feel powerful, able, or worthy, we are looking outside of ourselves for a sense of identity and permission to be “big” in the world.  Instead, realize that from where you stand you are able to generate change, influence and empowerment. Our gifts are not only the answer to personal abundance but also to the collective solutions for global balance.


3.     We block divine flow by narrowing the way abundance can come in. When we become fixated on one way something can happen we block the infinite ways abundance can transpire. We continually ask for finite ways when the universe by definition is “infinite”. The more we can resonate with inner peace, creativity and divine trust, we expand our reach and ability to create in infinite ways.


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On the bright side…

Let us consider what was created with Powerball, not only what is possible if people give some of their “spare change” to create such a large sum of wealth collectively, but also the energetic shift that was created when people are allowed to envision a bigger life for themselves. Let us use this momentum to maintain our highest visions of ourselves to bring it into reality.


Where do we go from here?

We all have incredible gifts to share and within us is a piece of the pie, not only to the riches of the world, but also to the solutions we are craving that will bring us all together to a place where there is no lack. We are reaching a time now where creativity is booming, there are so many ways to make it “big” quickly. What if your “get rich quick” idea was a solution to a collective desire and created balance for the whole?


We must realize that we are winning the lotto with life every day. Take a look around of all that you have created and not only this, but the magical ways that things have fallen in your lap.


Have fun with the process. It’s why you we came in the first place; to create, to manifest through your tools and skills, and to have fun with the process. What if everything you wanted just came at once, what is the fun of that? How can our desires contribute to the betterment of our soul, our personal lives and the lives of others?

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